5,000 Years Ago... a powerful sorcerer-king forged the Hammer to build his queen an enchanted garden. But when she died suddenly, the grief-stricken king used its power to challenge the laws of death itself. This dark act brought the cataclysm of his entire civilization, and the Hammer was lost to time...

Present Day... Jordan Fletcher is an American student studying a rare 15th Century witch-hunting manual in London. In its pages, Jordan learns how to spot the witches who still walk among us. But an evil warlock discovers the book's existence, and will stop at nothing to learn its secrets. With the help of a disbelieving museum worker and a rogue witch, Jordan must solve an ancient mystery and uncover the location of the all-powerful Witch Hammer.


Good with darts, bad with women, and obsessed with the study of the European Witch-Hunts, clumsy academic Jordan is about to discover the wildest family secret imaginable.


Few workers look after the British Museum's artifacts with humorless dedication the way Maggie does. But her no-nonsense policies are put to the test when she's faced with the impossible.


Frequently mistaken for an elderly street bum, Bayard is dedicated to finding and destroying the Witch Hammer. But just how much is he willing to sacrifice to complete his task?



Dr. Knight

John Reed



Around the World and through History

Magic has the power to prolong life, and many witches are hundreds of years old, and have witnessed momentous times and places in history -- but little does Jordan know where his own adventure will ultimately take him...

Secret Library

Jordan's Grandfather, John Reed, was a witch himself, and kept a concealed room where we continued his research to find the location of the Hammer. While there are many secrets in this hidden library, there is one that Jordan will need if he is to have any chance in fulfilling his quest.

Glastonbury Tor

Paris, 1888


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